Jenny P. - Florida

The program is great! I am so glad that I chose your program over some of the others. It’s been really nice to be able to go at my own pace because I have other responsibilities also. This works very well with my schedule. I’m excited about it; I love the dictations and can’t wait to get started on the next one. Your dictation is very clear and easy to understand. Thank you very much for making this program available to me.

Jennifer B. - California

I'm doing well with the program. I have found the format of this program very easy to follow and I can see definite progress almost every day. I’m having lots of fun with it. It’s hard work, but fun at the same time because I’m learning something new every day. I can’t wait to start my new career as a court reporter.

You have always been helpful and your personalized guidance is a plus for the program. Thanks to you.

Sylvia A. - Arizona

Thank you so much for the email and your continued interest in my progress.
I think I am learning pretty fast; there are days I don’t think I am going fast enough but other days I feel I have gained a lot of progress, especially when I can pick up my notes and read back what I have written.

I’m really enjoying your program; I wish I had gotten it a long time ago! Once again, thank you for your help.

Rachel B. - Texas

My experience with the program has been wonderful. Shirley Baker is very knowledgeable and takes pride in providing her students with a quality education. I felt from the very first day of training that I was appreciated as an individual and not just “another student.” Shirley is always available for her students to answer questions and help with homework. I highly recommend this program to anyone considering a career in court reporting and have no regrets in choosing this home-based program.

Bryan - Alabama

Everything is going well with the studying. I am enjoying it very much. I was unable to go as fast as I did at first, but some work commitments kept me from studying as much.  All of the material is very good and self guiding. I am glad to have the dictation CDs that go along with each lesson. It definitely helps writing everything over and over again. I am ready to get to a point where I can begin the drill lessons, but I am sure it will be here before I know it! Thanks for checking on me and I will keep in touch and let you know if I need any help. Thank you.

Danielle - Oregon

I am really enjoying your court reporting course. As you know, I am almost through the course and can already see a bright future ahead for me. And I have you to thank for all of this.

In the beginning, I was so discouraged that I could not find a school or course that worked for me. The other schools that I contacted were not very helpful and didn’t seem interested. Then I found you. Your honesty and willingness to take the time to answer all my questions and want to help me become a court reporter gave me confidence in your and your program. And you have proved me right!! And I thank you very much for that.

I’m so looking forward to graduating and starting my career as a court reporter. Thanks to you, this is really going to happen!!

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